Concepts utilizing applied ethics, such as responsible conduct of research (RCR), can prove difficult to teach due to the complexity of problems faced by researchers and the many underlying perspectives involved in such dilemmas. Academical is a choice-based interactive storytelling game created in the Twine authoring framework for RCR education that enables players to experience a story from multiple perspectives. Each playable scenario in Academical centers on a conversation between two stakeholders in the RCR issue at hand, one of whom is controlled by the player. The game shows how seemingly obvious answers around questions of research ethics can be complicated by factors such as power dynamics and marginalized identities and experiences. Studies of Academical have demonstrated that utilizing a choice-based interactive story game is more effective for RCR education, with learners developing significantly higher engagement, stronger overall moral reasoning skills, and better knowledge scores for certain RCR topics.

This research project is done in collaboration with the Expressive Intelligence Studio (EIS).


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